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Brand: Cost
(Pair inc Fitting): 
To Replace:  Notes: 
Type: 4 Piston £499.00  2 Pot Tokico  Price incl. fitting kit
Type: 6 Piston £605.00  6 Pot Tokico  Direct Fit 
Type: 4 Piston   £445.00  6 Pot Tokico  Direct Fit 
Type: 2 piston Rear   £160 / £220   2 Piston Tokico  Price incl. fitting kit 


Due to a high volume of interest, we have begun working on Brembo Rear Caliper conversions to replace those troublesome 2 piston calipers found on so many Suzuki's. 

Currently, we can do GSXR1300 Hayabusa's from (1999 - current model), B-King's, Bandit 1200 (1996 - 2000) and GSXR1000's (2003 - 2011).  Cost of the kit is £290 FITTED (£315 on the Bandit's) - this includes: The bracket, caliper, the torque arm (where required), pads and fluids - ALL BRAND NEW. 

calipers new and caliper upgrades

Please note that where a bracket is required, there is an additional lead time of around 14 days. The brackets used are bespoke to the machine and the replacement caliper, and are made to order as a result.    

Please call for Refurbished Prices - Most are around £230-£350 fitted. It's always worth a call! Please be aware stock is limited on high quality refurbished calipers.  Race performance MONO-BLOCK calipers are available too.    

All prices include FREE FITTING or POSTAGE 

calipers new and caliper upgrades
calipers new and caliper upgrades

Brake FAQ's 

Q: I've put new pads in my brakes, but the lever still comes back to the bar?!

A: the pads are responsible for creating friction against the disc that slows you down, NOT for applying the pressure that enables them to do this. The likelihood is that there is air in your brake fluid, or one or more of your caliper pistons is stuck.

Q: I've fitted braided lines/a new master cylinder to my bike but my brakes still feel spongy!? 

A: The likelihood is that there is air in your brake fluid, or one or more of your caliper pistons is stuck.

Q: I had my calipers rebuilt not long ago, but they seem as bad as they were before.... 

A:: The original calipers on many bikes are made by Tokico, as a general rule, we have found that once they have perished to the point of pushing the seals out or suffering sticky pistons, they are very likely to do it again in very little time. This is normally due to the lack of sufficient corrosion proofing in the grooves that hold the seals, the alloy oxidises creating aluminium oxide (white powder gunk) that pushes on the seals trapping the pistons. Equally, the distance between the piston edge and caliper is relatively large (by comparison to the Nissin's) this can lead to the pistons moving off centre and getting stuck.

It is for this reason that we offer the Nissin Upgrades, they last for years and years without major overhaul, and maintain solid, firm and confident braking.   

We do of course recommend regular cleaning of ALL caliper types to ensure correct functionality - these are your brakes after all! 

Front Caliper Upgrades:  We are proud to offer Brand NEW and Refurbished Nissin and Brembo Brake Calipers to a range of Kawasaki and Suzuki Motorcycles, fitted at our workshop here in Southampton. 
Too often we hear of and see poor quality brakes - spongy feel, poor grip, and soft levers being among some of the complaints.  More often than not, we have found that even after thorough cleaning, polishing and new seals, many of the Original Equipment calipers remain less effective than they should be, or return to their old ways in short order. 

This of course, gets very costly and frustrating! 

We have a better way - using high quality, high perfomrmance NEW Nissin and Brembo calipers, offering incredible performance and longevity and affordable prices. 

We have sourced, refurbished and fitted Nissin calipers to the following models, resulting in excellent feel, power and longevity. What's more, in many of these cases, the Upgrade was CHEAPER than the cost of parts and labour to refresh the old calipers! 

Available conversions:


ER6f/n 2006-2015
Versys 650 2006-2014
ZR750 Zephyr 1996 ->
ZR7 + ZR7S 1999-2004
KLV1000 2004-2005
ZR1100 Zephyr 1996-2002

GSX600F 1998-2006
GSF600 Bandit 600 / 650 2000-2006
DL650 V-Strom 2004-2015
SV650 + Gladius 1999-2015
GSX750F 1998-2006
GSX750 (Inazuma) 1998-2003
GSR750 2011-2015
DL1000 V-Strom 2002-2010


ZX6R - G/J/A1P 1998-2002
ZX7R - all 1996 - 2003
GPZ 900 - A12-A15 1999-2002
ZX9R - B/C/E 1996-2001
ZRX 1100 - all 1997-2000
ZRX 1200 - all 2001-2008
ZX12R - A1/A2/B1/B2 2000-2003
VN 1500 Meanstreak P1/P2 2002-2004
VN 1600 Meanstreak B1 2004

GSXR 750 - J/K/L/M/WN/WP - 1988-1993
GSXR 750 - WR / WS 1994-1995
GSXR 750 - T/V/W/X 1996-1999
RF900 - RR-RW 1994-1998
TL1000 RW/RX/RY/RK1 - 1998-2002
GSXR 1100 - K/L/M/N/WP/WR/WS/WT - 1989-1996
Bandit 1200 GSF1200 T - K5 (Naked and faired) - 1996 -2005
GSXR 1300 Hayabusa - RX-K7 1999-2007
GSX1400 - K1-K7 2001-2007
Intruder / Marauder 1600 VZ1600 - 2004


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